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"Love Your Records!”

In keeping with it being Valentine’s Day, a day full of cupids, hearts and all, isn’t it a good idea to also share the love that you have with your records?

Have any of you ever experienced the following situations?

We are moving to a new building and we have a MESS!  Or we have just received a call from the Accounting Department who states that they are moving next week and they have 25 filing cabinets FULL of paper! What should they do? 

The lawyers called!!  And they want what????  What is an e-discovery????

Joann from the main office (We all know Joann, the lady with 37 years in with the company, knows EVERYTHING about everyone and policies, procedure, etc. .....) and she states that they cannot discard any of their records as they do not have to follow any retention schedule as it most certainly does not pertain to her. 

No way no how!  We cannot get rid of paper!!!!!  Electronic records are unsafe and they will surely be lost!! 

You want to do what with a CLOUD?

Trust me,  Your information is totally secure with us !

Join our special guest moderators on the “magic records bus” as they cruise thru these scenarios plus many more topics that you might have.  This will prove to be a very lively event with lots of group interaction.

So tune in, tune on and tune out the rest of the world as we embark on a wonderful journey!

Location, Location, Location !!!

Holiday Inn
6001 Rockside Road
Independence, Ohio 44131 

Lunch Anyone ???

Roast Sirloin of Beef w/ a Red Wine Wild Mushroom Sauce

Rice Pilaf

Glazed Baby Carrots

Georgetown Spinach Salad

Caramel Apple Pie